Poodles crossbreeds are purebred poodles that have been crossbred with another purebred dog breed. They may be described as a mixed breed dog, designer dog and sometimes as a hybrid dog. In biological terms, poodle crossbreeds are an intraspecies hybrid, rather than a hybrid between two different species, since all dog breeds belong to the species Canis lupus familiaris. While some crosses are accidental, many crosses are intentionally bred. Among reputable breeders, cross-breeding is an attempt to breed dogs with positive characteristics of two recognized breeds. For example, the Labradoodle was originally bred in an attempt to create a dog with a Labrador temperament and a hypoallergenic poodle coat. The intent was to create guide dogs for people with allergies. However - as with all crosses - only some puppies from cross-breeding of two purebreds will inherit both desired traits, some will inherit one trait, and some neither. Even when crossbreed dogs manifest dominant traits, these dogs may not pass on the desired traits to offspring.

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