A Goldendoodle is a cross-breed dog obtained by breeding a golden retriever with a poodle. The name, which was coined in 1992, gets the first part, "golden", from golden retriever and the second part, “doodle”, from "poodle". In the 1990s, breeders in both North America and Australia began crossing golden retrievers with standard poodles. The original purpose of the cross was to attempt to develop guide dogs suitable for visually impaired individuals with allergies. A medium goldendoodle will weigh between 30 to 45 pounds and a miniature goldendoodle will weigh approximately 15 to 30 pounds. The standard in height at the shoulder for a male goldendoodle is about 24-26 inches. For females, it is 22-23 inches. Some goldendoodles can reach heights of 28-29 inches. Often, taller goldendoodles that inherit more from the golden retriever otherwise will be stockier and weigh substantially more. A stocky goldendoodle of said description may reach over 90 pounds.

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