• Location: Long Island
  • Type: Run
  • address: Veterans Hwy, Hauppauge, NY 11788

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This park is located within 627-acre Blydenburgh County Park in the southern section of the park. The 1.8-acre dog park includes both an open field and woods, a small dog area and a large dog area, water fountains for each area, doubled-gated entries, and plenty of benches and waste bag dispensers. This is a beautiful facility for dog lovers, with lots of shade provided in both the large and small dog areas. The Suffolk County Parks Department did a great job constructing this park and a lot of people have worked hard to get it open. Please don't bring dogs that have aggression issues as the dog park is definitely not the place to work on them! Many thanks to Legislator John Kennedy, the Suffolk County Parks Department, and all the members of LI-DOG who worked to get this park built. Enjoy the park with your dogs but please pick up after your them and please take good care of the park. There is an active group at Blydenburgh called "The Friends of Blydenburgh Dog Park". Their goal is to create a sense of community among the dog owners there, and also to promote harmony and safety for all who use the park. To find out more go to the Blydenburgh Dog Park website. The entrance to the park is on Veterans Memorial Highway, opposite the H. Lee Dennison Building. Once you enter the park go past the Parks Police booth and follow the sign pointing to the activity field on which the dog park is located.

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