• Location: Long Island
  • Type: Run
  • address: 1075 Middle Country Road, Middle Island, NY 11953

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The Middle Island Dog Park is located at 1075 Middle Country Road in Middle Island. When you pass the lake, look for the old Kmart shopping center on the North side of Middle Country Road (aka Route 25). Pull into the parking lot and go to the right of the old Kmart store. You will see the park hidden in lush trees on the right side. The park consists of a total of four acres, with separate areas for large (over 30 pounds) and small dogs (under 30 pounds), double-gated entries; a water fountain for each area; plenty of benches; and waste bag dispensers. Your dogs can slide in the sand, roll in the shade, get wet and make more friends than they've ever dreamed possible. Middle Island is the first dog park in the town of Brookhaven, and since all dogs must have their rabies shots and be spayed or neutered to attend the park, it's also one of the safest parks on Long Island. Be sure to check out the Middle Island Dog Park website at http://midislanddogpark.org. Don't forget you need a Pooch Pass to enter with your dog.

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