• Location: Long Island
  • Type: Run
  • address: 2903 Montauk Hwy., Brookhaven, NY

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A large, new dog park is now open at the former Robinson Duck Farm on Montauk Highway in Brookhaven Hamlet. The dog park covers 2.6 acres and is surrounded by 4-ft. high wooden-slat snow fencing. There are two gated entries into the dog park off a small parking lot. Because the dog park is located adjacent to Montauk Highway, dog owners are advised to keep their dogs under control and under close supervision at all times. As a "natural borders" dog park, the park does not have the usual amenities associated with more traditional fenced dog parks. Dog owners are expected to bring their own waste disposal bags and water. Moreover, the County is not providing trash receptacles or waste removal at this time.

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