• Location: Brooklyn
  • Type: Off-Leash
  • address: East bound Belt Parkway, just east of Exit 9 Knapp Street

Important Map is a simple search for the park that has not been verified and may not be accurate

http://www.nycgovparks.org/facilities/kayak/48 Plumb beach is a fantastic long stretch of beach near Manhattan beach. It runs right next to the belt parkway, the part that goes into long island (blocks away from Emmons Ave). Everyone calls it the dog beach because lots of people bring their dogs there and let them run around and play off-leash. Although listed for human use, it's not a well-manicured beach like Manhattan beach and thus most of the owners there do not mind the dogs. Its a great place for the dogs near the Sheepshead bay area since hurricane Sandy closed down Manhattan beach there is basically nowhere for people in the Sheepshead bay area to bring their dogs. Also even though plumb beach runs alongside the belt parkway its separated by a stretch of grass, then a bicycle path, and then another stretch of trees and bushes. So its totally safe to let your dog run around there and even if people decid to keep their dog on a leash it is still a great place to walk your dog. This park was nominated by Margaret Krasnov :)

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