About Nino Von Haus Kinoblauch

  • Size: small
  • Breed: Pug
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 3-5 years
  • Energy Level: Life of the party
  • Owner: gabriel

“Nino is Brazilian, and a very loving and cheerfull dog. His happiness whenever we arrive is priceless. Snacks, bikes, balls and soccer are the love of his life...and Children...he goes crazy to play with them whenever there's one around. I guess he thinks he's one too... He loves Ibirapuera Park - São Paulo/SP, on saturdays. Since this site is still a BETA and intended only for New Yorkers, i guess he'll have to wait for a visit from someone outside of Brazil..lol...or future support for other countries. ”

Dog parks he loves

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