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“Here are the top 10 reasons that I love him. -Whether I have left for 5 hrs. to run errands, or 2 minutes to the bathroom, he greets me with the same tail wagging, jumping excitement, everytime! -He has slept in our bed since the day we brought him home! Smack dab in the middle of us, on his back, paws straight up in the air, and snoring! It is Hilarious! -If he encounters the slightest boo boo, he will run to me, ears straight back, tail between his legs, and cannot get on my lap quick enough, as he needs immediate attention. -If he is feeling bored and left out, he will find a cd, a t.v. remote, a shoe, his dog dish, anything that he can grab onto, bring it under my chair, and chomp away until he gets my attention. -He is extremely protective of me. It probably took him 2 mths. to allow my husband to give me a good bye kiss. Nice of him, huh? He is ok with this now. -He helps me with the laundry. It may be the warmth of the dryer that he really likes, but whenever I fold clothes, he will pick pieces out of the dryer one by one and place them on the floor next to me. -Once or twice, he had a problem with his "business" not landing on his pad, rather, sticking to his bottom (trying to be polite) and ran to me like "Oh my gosh, What is going on...get it off Now...Please help me Mom". His facial and body expressions are that of a dog in crisis! -When I go "Bye Bye" he is often my passenger that keeps me company. -He shares my food with me:) Kidding. I try not to give him too much "people" food. -He takes me for walks and gives me exercise:)”

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Central Park

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