About Mikky

  • Size: medium
  • Breed: Mixed
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 3-5 years
  • Energy Level: Happy-go-lucky
  • Owner: paola

“Mikky is a rescue from the border of Arkansas/Oklahoma. She was waiting to be euthanized until a woman rescued her and her mom. Her foster mom works for PAWS New England, and that is the site where Mikky was found. She is adorable, and the most loving, and caring addition to our family. She gets along great with her older mutt brother, Jopie, and respects her even older cat sister, K. Mikky loves being nosey, exploring everything outside, and eating Christmas decorations. If it were up to Mikky, she would eat all day long, and rarely turns down a treat. Aside from being an excellent snuggler, Mikky is always up for adventure, which includes long walks, and hiking. Unfortunately, you wont find Mikky at the beach or poolside, because she absolutely hates the water. Thankfully, her mom bought her a lifejacket, so when on a boat, safety is first! ”

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