About Bugsy

“His personality……well he has one like no other. He loves all animals and he loves meeting new people and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He loves to play, run and makes the funniest noises I have ever heard. He snores and I know a lot of dogs do, but this dog can out-snore my father and that is something that is very hard to do. He loves taking baths he actually jumps into the bathtub for me, although doesn’t like getting his stinky wrinkles wiped. He has two toy boxes filled with toys but the only ones he plays with are the monkeys, so his nickname is Monkey. He is not a fighter he is a lover, he does not like to be petted on the head, I guess he thinks he is better than that! Bugsy is very picky about the treats he eats and has a special dance he does before eating them. I recently awoke the other day to him trying to bury a biscuit that the guy at the pet store gave him in my bed at 2am while I was sleeping. See there is not just one thing to love about Bugsy’s personality because he is quite a unique dog! Everybody loves Bugsy and you will too.”

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