About Mutsie

  • Size: medium
  • Breed: Other
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 6-9 years
  • Energy Level: Happy-go-lucky
  • Owner: Lucky

“My BEST FRIEND EVER !!!!! It is said that a dog is a man's best friend.Familiar with different types of dogs, some of them have been with us for hundreds of years. Every breed of dog is admired for its characteristics or traits. Dogs of collie breed are famous for their magnificent coat, the greyhound for their speed and the German shepherds as police dogs. The latest trend, which for some time remained restricted to Hollywood celebrities is now sweeping the United States off its feet. Many individuals are paying big money to acquire a teddy bear dog for their family. This small and cute dog has managed to win many hearts. On the other hand, American Kennel Club, which is a registry of purebred dogs such as, Chihuahua dogs, Bichon Frise, greyhound dogs, bulldogs in the United States, counts this breed as a designer breed. Some people refer to them as 'mutts' to emphasize their mix breeding; however at present, dog lovers are not interested in this kind of branding. Facts About Teddy Bear Dog This dog is a cross of Shih Tzu ('The Lion Dog' in Chinese) and Bichon Frise, ('Curly Lap Dog' in French). The dogs of this breed have following characteristics: These dogs are small and fluffy. Their brown or black colored coat and endearing expressions in their eyes make them simply adorable. They do not shed their hair as much as other dogs; and are not prone to allergies. They are bred for their appearance which resembles children's teddy bear. Their temperament and issues regarding their health are mostly ignored while buying them which is a cause of concern. Their small size makes them a perfect choice for individuals living in the apartments, where the size of a dog matters a lot. They need regular exercise, a walk or romp in the park; however, these dogs tends to tire easily after spending their energy in a short period. A tired teddy bear dog can be carried in hands after the exercise to home as it rarely weighs more than 16 pounds. However, most of adult dogs weigh between 7-10 pounds. As they belong to a crossbreed it is difficult to judge their health or temperamental needs. If your dog is a cross between purebred parents then the chances of inheriting health problems from both of them are high. If your dogs pedigree is unknown or if it is a mix of more dog breeds in addition to Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise, then it's health issues may really cause problems for you. These dogs suffer from the ailments that commonly affects the small dogs such as problems of eyes and ears, cold, and bloating. These dogs are a bit difficult to house-train, however, proper and timely training is enough to remedy the problem. The expert opinion is that for these dogs, use harness rather than the dog collars. These dogs, unlike big dogs, have small and weak trachea which may become flattened and may lead to untimely death of your pet. It has the life expectancy of 15 years. ”

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