About Brutus

  • Size: large
  • Breed: Mixed
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 0-12 months
  • Energy Level: Happy-go-lucky
  • Owner: Diana Paschal

“Brutus has never met a stranger. I love that he's a sweet, lovable, hug-able kiss-able dog. He loves to give and receive affection-- including belly rubs. You will often find him laying on his back with his belly and legs standing straight up and it's my favorite pose! He's friendly, playful and gentle with all other dogs. He goes to the washington square dog park 5 times a week to run, sniff and play until he's tuckered out. He's well behaved and regularly goes to my friends's apt or goes shopping with me. He's almost 1 year old and so still has a little bit of puppy playfulness. He will do anything for peanut butter, including taking a bath!”

Dog parks he loves

Washington Square Park

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