About Mercury

  • Size: medium
  • Breed: Australian Cattle
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 1-2 years
  • Energy Level: Life of the party
  • Owner: Kaleb

“Mercury is very high energy (as with any ACD). He has grown up alongside chihuahuas and a German shepherd dog so he knows how to change his play style to match the other dogs size. He used to attend the dog daycare I worked at where we had about 70-100 dogs a day and he would be in the rougher playing group with 10-20 other dogs. He definitely prefers to play with female dogs and he can act skeptical around males, but he has has male play mates. He has never been in a fight or scuffle, but he can be very corrective if he thinks another dog is acting rude or if they're being too pushy. He can be slightly toy and food possessive around new dogs, but he listens well. He enjoys wrestling and running around with other dogs, but, as a cattle dog, he tends to nip other dogs when he chases them. Again, he doesn't listen to me perfectly, but he does listen well. I'm very educated in dog-to-dog behavior, not an expert, but I had a lot of hands on experience and I've also attended seminars.”

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