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“Charlie is a very calm dog. He would grunt instead of bark and we wondered if he would ever bark when we first go him and eventually as he grew closer to us and more comfortable he barked at every knock on the door! He was home and he let everyone know this is Charlie's home too! Charlie still grunts and we call him the grunter, the fat boy, the ichichar, cheemers, and the list goes on an on. He's very loving although not much of a cuddler. He loves the interact with other dogs and has a cat friend in the neighborhood too. He loves the outdoors and loves a good long walk although he doesn't care for the hot weather too much; he'd much rather chill in the shade. Winter and the snow, he can take it and doesn't mind it all! He could do without a swim or the water but loves chasing RCVs! He's got silky hair that grows like crazy and strong, strong, strong muscles! He's a schmexy little guy with big beautiful eyes! I'd date him if I were a doggie!!! ”

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