About Frankie

  • Size: medium
  • Breed: Boston Terrier
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 1-2 years
  • Energy Level: Happy-go-lucky
  • Owner: Masha

“If Frankie could talk, he'd sound like Gus Gus from Cinderella. Loveable, a bit dumb but also intelligent. His own farts will startle him awake but at the same time I taught him "sit", "paw" and "down" all in one night. He loves sleeping under the covers and gets SUPER EXCITED when people come over. He tends to jump on other dogs and play a bit rough but that's because he's a lovable idiot who doesn't know his own strength and size. His best friend is a mini pin named Rondo who lives in Boston. Frankies tongue is a bit too big for his mouth and he's constantly sticking it out. ”

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