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“You are giving your dog all the best things in life like healthy food, cozy beds and the like, but have you ever considered sending your dog to a dog hiking service in Santa Monica? With the name Adventure Paws, who could be better to give your dog the adventure of a lifetime? We take dogs hiking throughout the Santa Monica Mountains and provide your dog with the best experience possible. There’s always new things to explore and animals to sniff out. We’re always playing and getting tons of exercise as well! If you’re interested in having your dog spend good quality social time with other dogs, light to moderate training from an experienced pack leader and tons of exercise in nature than please consider our Pacific Palisades dog hiking service. We also provide complete pick up and drop off service of your dog from your home or any other location within Pacific Palisades or Santa Monica. Your service includes water, treats and photos taken of each adventure. We also utilize GPS collars to add an extra level of safety so your dog doesn’t get lost. While we are at your home we can also provide poop scooping in Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica to keep your yard clean every day of the week of the land mines your dog leaves behind. Our poop scooping service is a great addition or can be used just by itself because it’s so invaluable to keep your yard clean at all times. A lot of people love using our poop scooping service just before the weekends. Please give us a call to explore how we may help you. We provide free “meet and greets” every day of the week and can get your service started ASAP. Just ring us up on the old telephone or send us a text at 310-684-3087! Looking forward to talking to you and making your life a little bit easier! ”

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